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BJJ Technique of the Week #1

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

BJJ notes that helped me remember what I did during my jiu-jitsu classes. Come train and learn with me.

Here are some notes about the moves I did over the week. Some are written in short form, other more details depending on if I remember it detailed or not. If you have any questions or curious about a move (or if you're my coach and I described it completely wrong haha), Please feel free to message me on Instagram or by email!

No-Gi Techniques

Sprawl Escapes

Sit-outs and hand lock break to kimura grip to sweep (holding the kimura constantly to roll over opponent

Foot Lock races

Heel hooks, straight ankle locks and looking for foot lock races quickly


Closed Guard to Back

1. Basic grip break

break away grip from belt, stretch arm across body while using legs to bring them down, also reach behind and grab the back so they can't escape back to closed guard. Keeping the position secure, switch hips keeping your bottom leg in front of your opponent. Hip escape back and bring the leg behind your opponent to the front and secure the back position.

2. Lapel Back Take

Sitting up going for bringing both your arms under both your opponents arms and bringing your opponent close to you while grabbing opposite side lapel tightly. Hip escape towards the side you have the lapel until you are cross body with your opponent. Using the lapel grip, bring your opponent on top of your far side leg, bring them back and pull the lapel grip to spin their back towards you. Secure the back position

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