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Best BJJ Gis for Women Starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Start out your BJJ journey with the best gis that are great for women’s bodies and your wallet.

Women being in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is nothing new in this day and age. More and more women are dominating in the sport which is inspiring even more women to join for their own reasons. Be it for fitness, self-defense, or trying something completely new and different, you’re going to need a BJJ gi to start you off.

When it comes to picking the right size BJJ gi for women, it comes down to a few things for me:

1. Women’s jiu-jitsu gi sizing

2. The quality of the gi

3. If it shrinks

4. If it’s durable enough for training

So, here’s a list of gis that I think match these qualifications. I did my research based on reviews, what I’ve hear about the brand and of course my own personal experience. These gis are great for starting out just in case you’re unsure if you like jiu-jitsu or you’re only training jiu-jitsu once or twice a week in addition to another martial art or sport.

This is my absolute favorite gi. When I got my blue belt, I was originally going to get an all-pink gi because pink is my favorite color. But honestly, as much as I love pink, I know it can be quite a loud color. So, when it came to choosing a gi to celebrate my achievement, I wanted to choose something that I’ll use often with at least some pink. I really like FUJI gis because they’re durable, they last long, they aren’t rough, and they look good. This gi comes in women’s sizes from WC0 up to size W6 which means there’s a variety of sizes for women both big and small. I got this gi back in 2013 and I STILL have it. The pants are drawstring pants but it’s flat edge instead of rounded like most gi pants.

This gi seems quite good for the price. It comes in sizes A1 to A4, which means unfortunately there is no women sizes but still gives you enough leeway for sizing. There is also a variety of traditional colors like white, blue, and black and not so traditional colors like gray. This gi is also a pearl weave gi which makes it lightweight but durable. It’s also important to know that this gi is preshrunk which means that you don’t have to worry about it shrinking (too much) and you can purchase the gi true to size without having to do major adjustments. But keep in mind depending on how you wash and dry your gi, it can still shrink a bit. If you buy the white gi from this brand, you’ll get a free white belt.

If you’re a woman who wants to train in a comfortable, lightweight BJJ gi but want some non-traditional colors, this Elite Sports Gi might be something you’ll consider. It seems as this gi is lightweight enough for you to move and feel airy during a jiu-jitsu class but durable enough for you to get some decent wear and tear.

This gi comes in women’s sizes from F1 to F4 which doesn’t give that much variety but you know that it will fit to women’s bodies. They come in a few different colors though both traditional and non-traditional, so you have a choice of white, black, pink, or purple.

Personally, the purple one looks very cool and it’s not as loud as the pink one so you can kind of get away with having some color. You also get a free white belt with this gi no matter what color you decide to purchase. According to the reviews for this gi, you might want to purchase a size up from what you would normally consider because they are not pre-shrunken and run a bit short.

Another lightweight gi that comes in women’s sizes, so you know it will fit all of our natural curves. The sizes are in a wide range from F0-F5 and is pre-shrunk so you can get the size you think is right for you based on the sizing chart.

This gi is also interesting because it has an inner liner by the neck so if you just want to wear a sports bra, you don’t have to worry about the gi rubbing against your skin and making you uncomfortable (although I always suggest wearing a rashguard when you train BJJ). In addition, this section is meant to help keep you cool.

There are also some fun features like an inner cuff design and two-toned colors for the gi but I’m sure it doesn’t matter in the gis functionality. These gis come in the traditional bjj gi colors of white, black, and blue. This means this gi can be used for your normal jiu-jitsu classes and competitions.

Also, if you purchase this gi, you’ll be helping out a small business!

This gi is quite popular because of its pricing and the variety of sizes and colors. The sizes go from A1-A5 but not in women sizes so consider your body type when you pick your size. These gis are pre-shrunken but again like any other gi, just be mindful when you wash and dry them. You should always hang dry your gis unless you’re trying to shrink them on purpose because of length of the pants and gi sleeves. When reading the reviews, it seems like the gis run a bit big.

Like many of the other gis I mentioned, they come in traditional white, blue, and black and non-traditional army green and gray. I kind of like the army green one. The gi also comes with a free white belt so you don’t have to worry about buying one separately if you’re just starting out. Unlink the other gis, this gi comes with a 5-year replacement warranty, so if it doesn’t fit your standards, you can always return and/or replace it.

Finding the best gi for your body

When it comes to women and training jiu-jitsu, we want something that is going to be comfortable, look good, feel good, and last long. These are just a few of the best gis you can get if you’re just starting to train Brazilian jiu-jitsu. They are wallet-friendly and will give you great quality and durability for your training. Getting the best gi does take going through a bunch and finding one that you feel comfortable in, and you’ll love training in. Check out of any of these gis if you’re in the market for a starter gi.

Question for this post: if you’re a woman who trains, what are some of your favorite gi brands?


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