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The BingKing Podcast: Episode 141 with Me Jess D!

In another edition of cool stuff I've been on, I was super fortunate to be on the BingKing Podcast with host Arthur King! Arthur and I are both from the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) and despite the world being hella big, we met in Shanghai at Warzone BJJ, a former BJJ gym here in Shanghai!

We not only found out we share a love for martial arts and having an affinity for having many hobbies and growing up doing swim team! We had an interesting array of topics including martial arts, dating, and why I need to update my blog more.. (I know, I know I will!) Check out the podcast link here on iheart radio

A signature "BingKing" episode selfie!

About the BingKing Podcast:

我跟有趣的人聊有趣的事 , Arthur King, host, is "an interesting guy talking to interesting people, talking about interesting stuff." He talks to ALL types of people from walks of life, including martial arts and fitness. Definitely check out his episodes (available in English and Chinese)


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