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Top 4 Women’s Athletic Swimwear for Water Fitness & Exercise

If you like to work out in the water, here are the 4 best women’s athletic swimwear you can use for water fitness and exercise.



   When summer hits, many people want to take advantage of the beautiful and warm weather. This might be doing outdoor workouts like hiking, running, and cycling.  For those of you who are water lovers like me, you usually take advantage of water activities like swimming. 


If you like to work out in the water, here are the 4 best women’s athletic swimwear you can use for water fitness and exercise.


Characteristics of a Great Swimsuit for Working Out

swimming laps in a pool

   With so many types of swimwear out there, there are a few factors that are important when it comes to getting a great swimsuit for working out:



  We know that having support while doing sports on land is very important because of its impact. But would you be surprised to know you need support while in the water? You might not have gravity and intense impact while doing water activities, but having chest support is just as important.



 There are a lot of styles out there that are stylish and make you look like a mermaid in the water. But sometimes these stylish bathing suits make it hard to move around and do the exercises required.  Make sure whatever swimsuit you buy has that element of mobility.



  Chlorine pools keep the water clean but the constant chlorine can take a toll on your bathing suit.  When buying a bathing suit, you should go for something that has good material that can withstand the chlorine. Major swimsuit brands like Speedo and TYR have bathing suit lines that offer durable material that won’t get eaten up by chlorine.



Types of Women’s Swimwear for Working Out


Racerback One-Piece

     I like racerback swimsuits because they offer support and great mobility for doing multiple types of water exercise.  There is usually nothing restricting your movement when you get a racerback swimsuit.  The only thing that I would be wary of is if the cuts on the sides are too deep because if you were to swim laps with them, your breasts could come out of the sides and make you very uncomfortable.  But overall, racerback one-piece swimsuits are the most standard to wear for working out.



Here are a few racerback one-piece swimsuits that you should consider purchasing:












I like tankinis because they give you coverage if you’re working on your body confidence, have some awesome designs that are stylish with support, and are easy to put on and take off. I know this might seem like a silly attribute, but you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve tried to take off a wet bathing suit that stuck to your skin.  In addition, tankinis are a great swimsuit that provides support for all your water activities.



Here are a few tankini swimsuits that you should consider purchasing:







Supportive Bikinis

   When most people think of bikinis, they think of the sexy swimwear that you’re wearing on your trip to Cancun or some island vacation that makes your partner wild when you’re wearing it (depending on what they’re into). But quite a few bikinis offer you support for working out that are also stylish and fun.  When you think of a bikini that is functional for water exercises, you should think of what beach volleyball players wear when they play.  They are great for all water exercises and offer the same ease of taking your bathing suit off when you’re done like tankinis.


Here are a few supportive bikinis I feel offer great support that you should consider purchasing:











Rashguard and regular bottoms

 As a jiu-jitsu person, rashguards are a large part of my wardrobe. But they can also be used for going into the water. In fact, there are quite a few swimsuit styles for women that incorporate a rashguard and bathing suit bottoms or shorts.  I like this style of swimsuit because it also adds coverage for sun protection, and you’re covered if you’re more modest or are working towards body confidence.  Also, for my jiu-jitsu people out there, you’re ready to roll with this style of swimsuits.


Here are a few rashguard tops and swimsuit bottoms you should consider purchasing:









Mix and Matching Your Swimwear Tops and Bottoms

I don’t know about you, but when I have a great workout outfit on, I feel more empowered in my workouts because I look good AND feel good. If you’re planning to work out in the water often, you should consider getting a swimsuit style that you can always mix and match. There are a couple of brands that provide great designs in different styles so you can switch up your swimwear.  Here are a few brands that offer multiple styles that you can mix and match:





Why You Shouldn’t Throw Out Your Old Swimsuit


 If there are a couple of older swimsuits, particularly one-piece swimsuits, you have in your drawer that you’re thinking of throwing out, I would consider the following first:  If you like swimming laps particularly, wearing an older bathing suit over a new bathing suit helps with weighing you down and makes your workout a bit harder. This is best for triathletes and lap swimmers, but I bet it could work for water runners and people who do water aerobics as well. I used to wear a drag suit when I was on multiple swim teams and wanted to get faster. It did help with making my workouts more intense.



Find a Swimsuit That Caters to Your Aqua Fitness Needs

Working out in the water provides a great way to get fit without having a harsh impact on your body. If you want to have comfort, support, and mobility, choosing the proper swimsuit is important. There are many styles that you can select from but always go with something that will make you feel great as you work out.


Question: Do you like to do exercise in the water? What kind of swimwear do you usually wear? Let me know in the comments.


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