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12 Best Gifts for the Martial Artists in Your Life

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Gifts for martial artists go from training equipment to videos to help them learn. Check out these great gift ideas for the fighter in your life.

Christmas is around the corner but there are plenty of occasions where you need to get a gift. Plus, how many times have you gotten to the point where you have no idea what to get a friend, boyfriend, niece/nephew, etc.? God forbid you get them something practical like socks or underwear. Be the person that gets them something practical and fun, especially if that person is a martial artist. Of course the focus in the list is on the martial arts that I do (BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing), but hopefully this list can help you plan for your next gift-giving holiday. Here are 12 things you can gift the martial artist in your life.

1. A fancy new gi/uniform

Some of us that train multiple times a week get tired of washing our uniforms and drying them to get them ready for the next day. ( This sucks extra if you live in China without a dryer). Getting a new gi or uniform is a great way to insure that martial artist doesn’t have to do laundry every day and they can flex on their team mates or at their next competition with their new stuff. I own a few 93Brand and Manto Gis, which I really like but there are many brands to choose from. You can also look here for the best gis for women and here for BJJ gis for beginners.

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2. Rashguard/shorts/ spats

Same thing applies as with the new uniform. Plus you can never have too many rashguards or shorts. You can wear them for no gi class, any striking or MMA classes, wrestling, working out, throw on some spats after class and throw on some uggs, or if you want to get your John Danaher on and wear a rash guard all the time. Rashguards can help with self expression so get one that really describes that person’s personality or something that they would like.

If that person is always training a lot and putting in that work in the gym, a new pair of boxing or MMA gloves are always a good idea. You should have a separate pair of gloves for bag work and a seperate pair for sparring.So this is super practical if your person only has one pair. You can choose from a bunch of different options, especially if your person had their eye on a specific fair. In addition, if the person that does bjj sometimes BJJ gyms offer BJJ for MMA so having MMA gloves are very convenient to have on hand.

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Everyone wants to learn from the best. Most of the time we don't go to some fancy gym owned by some BJJ world champion or have the money to spend on a seminar IF the person comes to your gym (double that if you have to actually travel to the seminar). Then, you have to remember everything that happened in that seminar and write everything down (most seminars don’t allow you to take video during it). With a subscription service or a DVD, the martial artist in your life can rewatch, go back, take notes and practice as the DVD goes along.

BJJ Fanatics have most if not all of the best and most famous jiu-jitsu, martial arts, and judo instructionals out there so it's a great way to get started

Warning: They might want to practice with you if they want to start right away.

5. Smaller essentials: Tape for fingers, wraps, small first aid kit, etc.

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Good things come in small packages from time to time and it’s not always about spending a lot of money to show that you care. At the gym, it’s annoying to need tape, get cut by that guy who doesn’t cut his nails, or any other small items you might forget at home. And I’m sure it’s even more annoying to the coaches or front desk staff if you’re always asking.

6. Grappling dummy

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To save yourself from being the Ooki, in the result of gift idea #4, a grappling dummy will give your martial arts lover a partner that’s available every single day. Don’t be surprised if your gift giver starts talking to the dummy or if the dummy scares the crap out of you while it’s sitting in some unknown corner of your house. Also, if this a last minute Christmas gift, I would suggest buying online, and giving a voucher to show that the gift is coming.

7. Mats for the living room/ open space

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If your martial arts lover wants to but can’t make it to the gym every day, making their own in-house gym might be the best thing for them. Putting mats down in some free, open space in your house might be exactly what they need. If you’re concerned that your living room will be forever changed into a dojo, get puzzle mats that can be easily put together and taken apart. The only thing you need to worry about in this case is that the open space might smell like straight up sweaty butt. This is something you can discuss with them in order to manage the smells.

8. BJJ/ Martial Arts Apparel

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If you're unsure about sizes of uniforms and don't want to risk getting your gift receiver something they will definitely have to return clothes are always the practical choice for a gift. Martial arts apparel puts some extra piazzas on the typical shirts and socks or whatnot with clever, whimsical sayings about their chosen martial art or sport. There are so many cool options that can express the style, humor, and/or comfort of the martial arts lover in your life.

9. Put money on their gym membership

Nothing is better than not having to pay for a month or two of your gym membership. Show that special martial artist in your life you care by letting them not have to pay for something they love for a bit.

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10. Punching bags, Double end bag or Reflex Ball

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Practicing combos and working a bag is essential for striking sports. If you have the space, consider a punching bag for them to continue their training outside of the gym. There are plenty of punching bags that you can purchase that fit any place in your house. If you don't have space for a punching bag, consider getting a double end bag. Double end bags aren’t as heavy and don’t take up that much space. Or, if you want your SO or gift recipient to look silly walking around your living area punching a small ball connected to their head, a reflex ball set is also a great gift for punching accuracy.

11. Martial Arts Books (like Jiu-jitsu University or Championship Fighting)

If you got a cerebral person in your life, books are something that can ignite their passion and get the gears in their brain turning. Some people learn best by reading a book or they just want to get into the nitty gritty of their chose martial art. There are many books out there about techniques, autobiographies, history, etc. and I’m sure your martial artist in your life will appreciate the gesture. My personal favorite is Jiu-jitsu University by Saulo Ribeiro that really breaks down what you should know at each level and shows you all the positions and possible submissions. It's a great reference guide for everyone at any level of jiu-jitsu.

12. Supplement subscription

Every martial artist needs to fuel their training. Why not get the one in your life the proper nutrients to help them recover after training and while they're out of the gym? There are many types of supplement subscription boxes to choose from including ones for vitamins and other things to help with the inner health of your gift receiver.

Bonus gift: One of those massaging guns

If you want to splurge a little bit and want to give a gift that will be well appreciated, get a massage gun. Between the warm-ups, cross-training, and just getting punched, kicked, squeezed, twisted, etc. your muscles are sore. This little gun can work wonders on a sore body. Most come with a variety of massaging heads and settings that can get into the little spots that especially feel sore. The gift recipient and their muscles will be so happy to be relieved

This list is meant to give you a list of practical gift giving ideas when you don’t know what to give. Everything on this list will get multiple usage and will help your martial artist or yourself towards improvements in their chosen sport.

What gift do you wish someone would get for you ? What other practical gifts should have been added? Let's discuss on Instagram at @blackgirlwhitegi_bjj

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