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The 5 Best Gym Bags for BJJ

Updated: May 24

Get the bag you need for all the hard BJJ training you're doing!

When you train BJJ or any sport for that matter, you got to have the right equipment. You definitely need the right gis and rashguards. You also need all your other necessities for before and after class. But what will you use to carry all that stuff?

This is where the right bag is essential. You might think to yourself that having a bag isn’t as important as I’m making it out to be and you may be right. But if you’re training consistently, you’re going to want to make sure that all your stuff is in the right place all the time. In addition, you COULD use your normal everyday gym back or even the bag that your gi is held in when you first get it. But usually, normal gym bags don’t have room for your gi, your normal toiletries or both.

So, I’ve compiled some cool bags for BJJ that focuses on your carrying and training needs.

What makes a great BJJ Bag?

For me, there are a few factors that make a bag a great BJJ bag:

· Space for Multiple Items

Your BJJ bag should have enough room for you to carry your gi, your belt, toiletries, and any other things you feel you need to carry in order to make sure you’re successful before and after every class. These things might include notebooks, protein powder, tripod (for filming your rolls…or being a content creator).

Also, I think it’s important for your bag to hold all the training gear you’ll need to carry if you plan to cross train. Back when I was training multiple martial arts and going to the gym on the same day, it was important for me to be able to carry my gloves, sneakers, and my jiu-jitsu clothes all in one bag.

· Mesh Space for Ventilation/Area to Hold Wet Gear

When you get into your rolls, you sweat. Really sweat. Sweaty gis that have had even five minutes to dry smell terrible. So having a spot that is ventilated or an area that can be closed off (preferably made of plastic so you can wipe it out easily) is important for your hygiene and the longevity of your equipment.

· Carri-ability/Convertibility

I like a bag that can be converted to a backpack or a duffle bag just because you know… options. If you’re the kind of person who has to take public transportation, then having a bag that can be converted to a backpack is great, so you don’t take up space. A duffle bag might be better if you like to be able to see your stuff laid out or to be able to throw your bag over your shoulder.

· Stylish

We all want practicality in our lives. But why not combine it with something cool in the process. That being said, a bag with a cool design always stands out to me. Sometimes I do like a bag that is bright and colorful. I’ve had bright pink and flower print bags in the past. But of course, neutral colors like black and gray can look cool too.

· Durability

I have to admit, sometimes my training bag doesn’t get the most love: It gets thrown into the car, kicked under seats on public transportation, thrown on the floor to make space for other people, or kicked out of the way. With all the mistreatment, you need a bag that can take a beating and ask for more. You want your bag to last a long time especially when you’re spending money on it.

· Wash and Cleanability

I mentioned before that you need a compartment in your bag to be able to carry your sweaty training clothes that’s easy to wipe down. But if you train every day and are training multiple sports, your whole bag is going to stink. I think it’s important to be able to clean your bag easily or throw it in the wash so you can get the stink off. You want a bag that is durable enough to go into the washer without crumbling.

So, without further ado, here are some of the training bags you can consider for carrying your gear.

Here's the list without my opinion here:

Elite Martial Arts products are some of the most popular in the martial arts community and just by the reviews, this bag fits all the criteria for a great bag. It has a mesh ventilation pocket where you can put your wet gear and it can go from backpack to duffle bag with ease. Also, if you train multiple martial arts then this bag is the bag for you.

Fuji is reliable when it comes to the quality of their gear. As I mentioned in my best gis for beginnerspost, my Fuji gi is my favorite and longest lasting gi. According to what I’ve heard, this BJJ gear bag is durable, spacious, and converts from backpack to duffle bag. It has a mesh pocket for wet gear. Also, you can use this bag for your training and for travel.

The idea of an all-mesh bag wasn’t on my radar until I saw my friend Hiro with one. He says it good for letting you gi and your gear air out if you can’t get to it right away. This specific bag is roomy, machine washable, and sturdy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t convert into a backpack but it’s definitely a bag to consider if you tend to wait to take your gear out.

This bag is definitely made for jiu-jitsu. There is even a pocket specifically for your belt. In terms of space, there is a lot of space for training gear and even space for your cross-training gear. There’s even a waterproof gi pocket that you can throw your gi and close up. This gear bag also has two side pockets for your water bottle, protein shaker, or energy drink. It unfortunately only comes in a backpack, but I really think this is a great bag for serious BJJ athletes.

This bag is very similar to the bag I have now. You can convert from a duffle bag or backpack. There’s a sneaker section and multiple pockets. With my current bag, I can hold a gi, rasghuards, a pair of boxing gloves, a towel, my toiletries and a change of clothes without any issues.

Carry your Training Gear Confidently and With Ease

Thinking about where your BJJ gear goes and how to carry it may be the last thing on your mind. But being organized with your gear and having a great training bag you pack before you go to the gym and unpack after you leave is important.

What are some features that are important for your BJJ bag?


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