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Can You Train 4 Times in a Day? I Did…

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

If you were thinking that training multiple times in one day is exhausted... It is. Check out my experience in training 4 times in one day including: Crossfit, bjj, kickboxing, and pole dancing!

People who know me knows I’m slightly crazy in terms of what seems like my boundless amounts of energy. I am the person who will wake up at 5:30 to get to 6:30 class and work out/ train for an hour and half, go to work and then do another class at night, just because I feel like my day isn’t complete if I don't train twice. But, I decided to push my limits and train 4 times in one day. My training included kickboxing/MMA, CrossFit, jiu-jitsu, and pole dancing.

The night before was abysmal, in terms of sleep. I generally get 7-8 hours of sleep per night, but some nights are harder than others (i.e. social life, work overtime, etc.). The night prior, I got 6 hours of sleep, but I was determined to get the full workout in. So, how did my day go? In this experiment, I analyzed the activities, my nutrition, my energy level, as well as the intensity of training.

First training: Kickboxing

Nutrition before: Normal half a Gatorade and one scoop of whey protein powder

Energy level: 6/10 (because of lack of sleep)

Training intensity:6/10 (technical class with sparring at the end)

I think because this class was more technical, and the sparring was only 3 minutes at a time, I didn’t expel as much energy. After the class, I felt fine and went on my way to work.

Post Training Feeling: Need to do more kickboxing

Nutrition: Hard-boiled egg whites, small chicken wrap, black coffee for breakfast

Second training: CrossFit

Nutrition: Second half of the Gatorade, Casein protein and Garden of life Vegan protein mix

Energy level: 7/10 (because of the food and coffee)

Training intensity: 8/10 (Cardio!)

For lunch, I had CrossFit with my lovely friend and colleague Johanna, who had been wanting to try CrossFit for a few weeks. There’s always something about not doing CrossFit for a few weeks and going back… Your body hates you! And when it’s cardio, it especially hates you more! The workout included burpees, 1000 meters of running/2000 meters of the assault bike, and GHD crunches.

I am competitive in my own mind, so I wanted to push myself to a point where I felt I was putting in work, but not too much where I was going to throw-up and/or pass out at the end of the WOD (wow, look at me and my cool “crossfit speak”!) I am also NOT A RUNNER. Even the 400 meters seemed like a lot to me. But, I lucked out in this respect because we could replace the outdoor run on the assault bike or the treadmill (which I also hate). I also had never used a GHD machine before, so that was quite the experience. The technique to do a sit-up on it is quite specific but it was awesome to try it. The workout had to be completed in under 25 minutes and I was able to complete it in 22 and a half minutes.

Feeling post- training: Accomplished yet TIRED

Lunch: (Beef and vegetables with fruit and coffee with coconut oil)

Third training: Jiu-Jitsu (Gi)

Nutrition: Second half of the Gatorade, Casein Protein

Energy level: 7/10 ( normal excited energy for jiu-jitsu)

Training intensity: 5/10 (technical )

After work, it was BJJ time! My initial plan was to come early and drill this cool lasso to triangle technique I just learned, but no one was around. I felt a bit tired during the warm-up but my friend Stef (shouts out to her and her blog and I did most of the technique slow and controlled to really understand the exercise. It was about omoplatas and getting up when someone smashes you (which I REALLY need. I keep getting smashed in side control). After that I didn’t roll and just headed off to pole.

Feeling Post training: OSS… But still tired

Fourth training: Pole Dancing

Nutrition: Johanna-provided coconut and the rest of Casein Protein

Energy level: 5/10 (Spent from the day)

Training intensity: 7/10 (Had to be Johanna’s training dummy so double)

I’m used to doing pole after training for most of the day, but I was pretty tired by the end of the day. As that I am one of Jojo’s first students, she’s been pushing me harder to be better at pole. I had to do many of the Basic 1 moves to help demonstrate to the other student as well as my own moves.

Post Training Feeling: READY FOR BED!

Nutrition: Casein protein with peanut butter and fruit

The Day After:

I.WAS.SORE! The OMS, especially in my abs because I barely work them. But, I did get up to go to kickboxing again. Everything else was pretty good.

Takeaways from multiple trainings:


I think I could have done more if I slept properly. Sleep works wonders on everything: energy, weight loss, healing injuries, performance, etc. I can completely feel the difference when I get 7-8 hours vs. when I get 6 or less.

Pace yourself!:

I did push myself through each workout but I did it in a smart way to be able to sustain myself throughout the day. I am also quite competitive but I think getting out of my own mind and focusing on working out or getting technique for the sake of getting the technique

I think that maybe doing 4 types of exercises in one day doesn't give me enough time to focus on much but it was really cool to try!

How about you? What is your max amount of workouts you've done in a day? Let's talk on Instagram at @blackgirlwhitegi_bjj

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