• Jess D

Move of the Week: Single Leg X Entry to X Guard to Takedown

Here's how I understood how to do it and a direct transcription of my notes:

1) Hook the closest leg with a sticky hook while blocking the far side leg.

2)Fall on your side to the far-side leg while moving your opponent's hooked leg up over your leg, placing the closest leg foot on opponents hip and your other leg behind opponent's leg and lifting hips for single X, which you can use to sweep opponent with single X sweep (turning your knees out and letting them fall on the ground while you get up) Also, I know my hips weren't super high in the video but i didn't want Eva, my training partner to fall so fast.

3) If opponent fights the single x sweep by dropping their knee onto your belly, underhook the leg of the dropped knee, switch to X guard by moving your foot on opponent's hip inside their far side leg, and other foot to their far side inner knee.

4) Do a technical stand-up while driving into their leg for the takedown.

I'm sure there are few more details I have to work out, but this is the move that I'll definitely will be working on!

Any tips and tricks on single X or X guard entries?